Bands Earning Revenue With Mobile

Oct 19, 2014 | App

So your local garage sessions have finally paid off. No longer are your parents yelling at you to “keep it down” but fans are yelling “turn it up!”. You are now touring across the country & globe, having the time of your life. Sure every musician wants to do it for the glory & fame, but making money from your brand image is important too…and we have a way for you to do that with a mobile app.

In 2015, tons of musicians, bands and radio stations will be launching mobile apps. There are a few ways they can earn solid profits and we wanted to share with you. The power is in knowledge and the more you know, the better you’ll be.

App Sales > Music Sales

No doubt today is a digital age where people download music from online, and very rarely purchase a CD for their favorite musician. They are also charging a few dollars per song but what if you could sell music on your app? We have built a system for bands so they can earn money selling their app.

1) Sell your app for $1.99

2) Upload exclusive tracks to your app, nobody can get besides your app

This will increase downloads. You could even offer just a few tracks so fans will be getting a 2 for 1 deal for songs by purchasing your app. By offering an app with exclusive tracks, you’re now getting into a whole new market of advertisement. This new method is cool & new. It’s the latest trend and guess what? People love trends. You can break the “traditional” way of selling music and offer this to your most loyal followers and trust us, you will get downloads.

Ad Space

So maybe you want to offer your app free to your followers, you most certainly can, but we recommend you offer some kind of placement for ad space on your app. You can monetize it easily by having your manager sell ad space.

Mobile advertisementis getting into the billions and the more people you have on your app, the more money you could make selling mobile ad slots.

Get Started…

The leaders in this industry are the ones who will generate the most downloads. Don’t wait until it’s too late and every band has a mobile app. Get your app today! You can also request an app demo by filling this form out here.

We look forward to getting your app going & rocking out with you!