Autumn Changes for your Website

Oct 19, 2018 | Web

Coordinate with Events

Whether it be big holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving or smaller holidays like Columbus Day and Labor Day, it can be a great benefit to update your website with autumn themes and holidays. By having some spooky and creepy graphics near Halloween time, you can show that your regularly updating your website and remain active in maintaining while bringing a festive mood to your business. Customers can really appreciate it, showing that there is a fun side to your business.

Add Some Fall Colors

You don’t have to change your entire theme to accompany some fall colors into your website, but a little touch can really spread the color around. Whether it be a touch of orange or some red, mixing in some accent colors can be a great way to update and make your site look good. If you’re looking for small changes, just try changing the color of your links, button backgrounds, or icons if you don’t want a complete overhaul for the season.

Autumn Graphics

Some well placed animation can enhance a site anytime, but pairing it with a season can really drive the home the fact that you are always current when it comes to website changes. There are plenty of ways to do this, but it might be better to play off what kind of business you are to really emphasize your changes. For example, if you are a small coffee shop, maybe putting a picture of some pumpkins behind your pumpkin spice latte might drive attention to your seasonal drinks. If you have a site in the tourism agency, some pictures of cruises or trips that have some great fall scenery can really get customers to book a trip now so they can take in those views for themselves. Whatever kind of business or website you have, their are always some great graphics or animations that can give a fresh and fall look to your website.