Automate Your Mobile App Marketing

Sep 14, 2015 | App

Your phone is ringing off the hook. Your school just called to inform you that your child’s soccer game was cancelled. Your manager just informed you that a customer is upset. On top of this, your shipment is running late. Oh, it’s 4:49 and you haven’t replied back to the email you said you would at 4:30. The struggle is real for most business owners.

So when you think about mobile marketing, your eyes haze over and you start thinking about your next task. The reasons most business owners don’t participate in social media or mobile marketing is because they think they don’t have enough time. We totally understand all of the obligations as stated above, but with our platform you can easily schedule and automate everything in one sitting.

Let us show you how.

Setup Push Messages

Pretty much push messages are notifications that are sent right to your customers mobile app. It’s direct marketing to their pockets 24/7. With the Grand Apps platform, you can easily setup these messages to go out to them whenever you want.

Watch this video on how to set up and send out push messages.

Our mobile app push notification system is pretty high tech & can offer businesses many different ways of communicating with customers. You can easily automate your mobile marketing with our platform in just minutes. Just reach out to us to setup a time to chat mobile marketing & your business.