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Sep 22, 2015 | Marketing

This article is a little different because we are speaking to marketing firms, PR companies and developers. Usually our posts are about the mobile marketing industries & trends, but today we wanted to give back to our fellow other companies and show them how they can add more value to clients.

Do you want to make more money?

Possibly add more value to clients?

This. Is. For. You.

(Oh, you must also fit the category of companies we are addressing)

Great, you fit all criteria we set. Well, we are happy to have you along with us today for this discussion. Basically we are proposing to you a simple solution to help you make more money and value add to clients. We want to form a partnership with you. We actually have many partnerships with companies across the globe that are selling mobile apps we build. With a portfolio of 150+ mobile apps, we have quickly become the experts in mobile marketing.

Partnering With Grand Apps

There are a few problems that companies like yourself face when trying to set clients up with mobile apps, and basically it’s that you don’t have the resources in place. You might not know how to publish to the app stores, your team is not experienced in coding for mobile apps or you just have no idea.

Whatever your problem is, we can solve it. We will partner with your sales team and get the clients what they want. Basically you will sell the mobile apps & we will make them. We offer partners EXCLUSIVE prices for designing mobile apps.

We are offering you a chance to generate monthly revenue & setup fees. Oh, by the way…our apps actually make clients money. So we are all winning here. If you don’t believe us…check out this case study, or even this one.


Mobile apps typically cost around $50,000 for both iPhone & Android apps that are custom built. When you use Grand Apps, you are getting this done at a fraction of the price.

Typically, companies using us are making about $2,000 – $5,000 profit per app sold. (Not including what we charge to set it up). This means that if you sold just 2 apps to clients per month, you could increase the bottom line from low as $24,000 = $120,000 per year.

Do we see an extra vacation in your future?

So what are you waiting for…if you’re a marketing firm, development company or PR agency, just contact us today to learn more how we can partner up and help benefit clients world wide.

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