App Marketing Help From Grand Apps

Sep 21, 2014 | Marketing

It’s time for a quick segment in our Grand Apps blog to help you out with your mobile app marketing. As soon as businesses sign up with us, one of the first questions is simply “how do I get people to download my app?” and we wanted to address this, point blank.

The process is finally over, your app is launched and you are pumped / ready to being marketing this! But again, you are now stuck with the lack of know how for getting people to download your app….no biggie, we have you covered in this short blog. Here are a few key pointers that will hopefully help you out.

1. Social Media Is Free(ish) & Effective

Your Social Media channels are “free” for now, but if you do pay a little extra you can get your posts boosted in the newsfeeds. We recommend spending a few hundred dollars for a short campaign, letting people know about your awesome new mobile app, where to download it and why they should!

– Post links to your app in iTunes / Android

– Let them know why they should download it

– Use a screenshot picture of your app in the boosted post

2. Give Incentive To Download

Give something back to your customers that download the app. Your app will only give you return, such as people coming into your business because they received the latest mobile push notification you sent out to them about your special on Friday Night or mark-down event you’re having.

– Offer a special to app users

– “next time they stop in, show the mobile app for 5% off their entire purchase, lasting 1 week”

Give a little to get a little…more.

3. Stay On It

We find that people are excited about the app, launch it, get people to download it but then leave it dormant sitting there. Just remember, if you lose interest, so will your customers. The people who come to your business are loyal to you in one way or another, so whatever your passionate about, they will likely follow (atleast some of them).

– Maintain your app with our app portal management platform

– Keep sending out at least monthly push notes

– Refresh your app graphics 2 times per year (all the other big app companies do, why not your business)

Thats All, Happy App Marketing.

We hope you enjoyed and took a little back from this. Try these strategies out and see your app downloads increase. Check out our mobile app features here…we offer tons of them and you can really use them to engage customers.