App Feature Update

Mar 27, 2015 | Grandapps News

We are excited to keep bringing you new app product updates & have a few more to share. Below are some additions to our app platform.

Email Marketing Feature:

Our newest update allows businesses to easily collect their customers emails by prompting a display within the mobile app.

You can now customize your own text to get users to sign up for your email newsletter. Entice them with offers, content & more.

Soon as a user signs up, you can download the user information from our CMS platform or integrate with some 3rd party options like Mailchimp.

Custom Location Titles:

Before, if you had multiple locations, you couldn’t title them as it would just pull the address form each location. Now it will allow people to add custom titles like “restaurant a” or “restaurant b”.

PDF & Website Tab Printing

If you offer PDF forms in your app, users can print from their iOS Devices! They simply click the printer button & select a printer nearby.

More To Come

We have many, many more updates / improvements coming! Stay tuned…

For more questions, email or visit our website at