App Development, Custom or Builder?

Nov 23, 2016 | App

Light bulbs just filled your brain with a great idea for a mobile app! You sit down and Google “app developer” “app development company” and “mobile app developers” and BINGO, you find Grand Apps (You know, the best app agency in the country). But before you call into an app development company, you might want to make a definite decision before you do and that choice is to choose between a custom mobile app or mobile app builder. By the way, we offer both.

Custom Mobile App Development Benefits

A huge benefit of custom mobile app development is you get full control on everything. You can choose how it functions, how it looks, what next phases are and totally control the software. If you have the money to invest, we recommend you go this route.

Another benefit is it’s totally targeted towards your needs specifically. Sometimes with a builder there are limitations so it’s hard to get exactly what you want.

Custom Mobile App Development Not So Benefits

So one big one we wanted to let you know up front is that custom apps take a lot of time and money. Uber is a billion dollar company with millions pouring into their back end. Although it might seem simple as “turning a button on”, it’s actually more complex. It takes a fair amount of investment to get first stages off the ground, anywhere in the range of $10,000+ for single native platforms.

Also another negative is that it takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should your app. It takes time to plan, build, test, launch and support.

Mobile App Builder Benefits

An awesome benefit is that it’s relatively lower in price because the companies invested heavily in the front end of the business to bring you a tool to build an app in that brings the cost down. These companies are in hopes more and more people will use the solution later on, bringing them to a return on their investment of creating this tool. So good news for you, your mobile app is less costly!

Another benefit is that it’s relatively quick to produce. In our app builder we can actually design and launch a mobile app in literally weeks.

Mobile App Builder Not So Benefits

Nothing is ever perfect and neither are app builders. One main limitation is it’s not 100% custom. This means you might not be able to implement all the bells and whistles you want.

So the choice is yours, do you go custom or builder? Really it depends on your goals to be honest and our team has many ideas of how to move you through the process. Just contact our awesome team 🙂