App Development Blueprint From Grand Apps

Jan 7, 2015 | App

So your business is finally going mobile! We are excited for you because we know just how powerful a mobile app can be when used right for small businesses. Tons of local business owners are seeing huge returns from increased foot traffic, more shopping and direct communication with consumers 24/7.

We wanted to highlight a few key points that will breakdown a mini blueprint when getting your app developed by your team.


You must make sure your app is useful is some way. It should bridge the gap between customer & your business, providing some function that will be useful in the customers daily lives when using your business. Restaurant owners find mobile ordering is great and fitness apps find booking reservations or selling products makes sense. Whatever your niche might be, just make sure your app is very useful!


Have your team put together amazing graphics, intuitive design & have it look just beautiful. Nobody wants to use a junky app with terrible graphics, it probably wouldn’t even get approved by iTunes. (Yes Apple is VERY strict when approving apps if you didn’t know) So make sure you are dealing with professionals when designing a beautiful app, not some local kid working from his basement.


We wanted to make a last note for your blueprint to make sure every business owner knows this fact…you will indeed need to put some time into this app. Building an app will not over night generate millions of dollars & downloads. It takes time & effort to promote your app to customers. You should not rely solely on your development team here, but should be looking at ways you can self promote the app.

If you are looking for a professional team, well you know where to find us.

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