Announcing Kreativ – Our New Digital Agency Brand

Jul 23, 2018 | Grandapps News

This announcement has been a long time coming. For about four years and counting, Grand Apps has taken on larger roles for brands like social media marketing, content creation, AdWord campaigns and so much more. But as you could imagine, the name Grand Apps doesn’t speak “digital agency” but simply portrays software application development.

Today we’re excited we are announcing our new agency brand, Kreativ.
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Currently we service clients that range from Instagram Influencers to service based companies. Please stay tuned for more developments on the Kreativ brand and client roster.

Quick Backstory

The operating partners, Jon Butler & Chris Ake, approached our head of client marketing, Maggie Lasley, with an idea to launch our agency brand. Maggie and the marketing team agreed they wanted to be apart of the process and they helped create the brand for Kreativ. They helped build the website, design the logo and branding and manage / build the social presence. We wanted to thank our marketing team for helping build this brand from the ground up! We are excited to see how we can grow Kreativ!