All Mobile Apps Need a Website

Sep 30, 2022 | App, Web

Mobile Apps will perform better if they have a partner on the web. Especially if you are just starting out and trying to break into a market. Most if not all users will start their search for your service in a web browser. So it is vital that you have a website for them to find. The website needs to explain your service or product well so search engines can find it quickly and easily, and have natural calls to action that leads to your mobile app. App development outsource might be a solution for your app, but it will still needs a website companion.

Ways a Website Support a Mobile App


Probably the most important way a website supports a mobile app, SEO. Most users start their conversion journey on Google, which searches the internet for websites that best match the search query. You need a website for the search engine to find. Building SEO into a website is complicated and time consuming, but necessary if you want to set your app up for success.

Start the Conversion Process

Once on your website, it needs to be filled with relevant information that will help a user decide to download your app and use your service or products. This builds into consumer confidence. Giving them all the answers to their questions before they commit to anything.

Things Yous App Needs to Have to Be Successful

App Overview

A high level summary of your app and what it does should be the first thing your website has. This helps search engines match queries with your site.

Calls to Action

A section with effective calls to action that leads users to download your app is just as important as the site itself. Easy to find and follow links for all platforms your app is available on need to be front and center.

Ways to Contact Support

This can greatly help with managing your app users’ questions and concerns. Give them an easy to use support request form. This way they can contact you and get the support they need.

Tutorials or Help Articles

If your app is complicated or your service is not something users might know how to navigate on their own very easily, having a tutorial section can be a great help!

House Legal Documents

Many app platforms require a place for them to find your legal documents outside of your app, and a website is the perfect place to do that.


A website is the best place to keep FAQs and a great way to cut down on support requests and contact forms. If users can find the answers to their questions by themselves they often will.

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