Age Is Just A Number

Nov 24, 2015 | Other

Everyone has a story and everyone has a start to that story. There’s a staggering trend that many business owners only trust people in their circle or the trends of people their own age.

In business it is important to make sound decisions not based upon age of the person you’re dealing with, but their knowledge and experience. I have found many circumstances where a prospect went with another company that couldn’t offer as much value to them, not because of price, and not because of value but rather because it was more comfortable. The people were closer to their age group, and that’s the way they have always done it.

Have you heard “That’s the way we’ve always done it”, have you uttered these words before? These are the Most Dangerous words in business and in life! If you are truly dedicated to growth and your bottom line, those words need to leave your vocabulary now!

Essentially it’s saying “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. It Doesn’t matter the department, or position, or your house or personal life. You owe it to yourself to go the extra mile if you really do want a better business, or life. By erasing these phrases completely and focusing on leaving no stone unturned and finding the best value or solutions for your business or life you will be completely recession and fail proof!

I do not mean only doing this when it’s convenient or every 10 years, this should at the very least be an annual event, on a way to make your business or life better!

Get out of your comfort zone, it will make your business and life better. Listen to the experts in their respected fields!

I personally made a huge life change this year. I have always worked for large fortune 500 companies, and have always been successful. The last company I worked for treated me horribly, when I was even Top 5 in the nation! I made a choice “Never Again”, in fact I turned down a very fruitful opportunity from another large company to work with a Small Local Start Up that was doing something phenomenal. Grand Apps has brought me back to life, and it’s because I left no stone unturned!