85 Billion

Nov 20, 2014 | App

Tim Cook has just recently let us know that the iTunes Apple App store has passed 85 Billion mobile app downloads.

To kick off June 2014, Apple had their Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Fran, California, where Apple announced that the app store has reached 1.2 million apps. A few months later they hit 1.3 million apps in the market putting them in a very close race with Googles 1.45 million. It truly is amazing because Android is an open market, where Apple has very strict review teams checking each and every app.

We foresee Apple taking off even more after launching Apple Pay. This will integrate with retailers and also in app purchases, making it even easier to upgrade your bubble popping gun on your latest iPhone game you downloaded.

For Apple, billings have been up by 22%, with recent revenue growth at 36%, compared to the last quarter of 2013.

Where is this revenue coming from?

Recently, Cook has given credit to iTunes, but we know that the app developers are really helping their sales. Did you know that Apple takes 30% from every app sold? Take an app for $1.99 multiplied by millions of downloads and figure that out. Then think, that is only one app. The app store has 1.3 million apps (not all paid) but you get the point. This open sourced marketplace is helping Apples revenue extremely.

So what do these numbers show? Well in some ways they show how important app developers like Grand Apps are to Apple but it also shows a huge increase in mobile apps, meaning your business probably needs one. If you have any questions just comment below or email support@grandapps.com.