8 Things You Can’t Live Without [In The Office]

Jul 6, 2017 | Other

..or in life in general. A list of key essentials for big success. #Winning


It’s #1, caps and bolded. Does this REALLY need explaining?! Coffee. Period. Next.

2.) Phone charger.

No brainer. You’ve got calls to make, your Instagram feed to scroll through, your “tacos near me” Google search. Or in this case, a Mac charger that needs to be connected to your wireless mouse or keyboard every 30 minutes. Mac users, I know you feel this struggle.

3.) Highlighters.

It’s simple. Highlight the most important tasks of your day to stay focused and get shit done. Or, highlight to contour those cheekbones and let people know you did not come to play. #Slay

4.) Planner.

Morning meeting @ 10:30, team lunch @ 12:15, content schedule @ 2:30, mimosas @ 5. #Priorities

My life would probably consist of me shoving Nutella covered Teddy Grahams in my mouth while I binge watch House Hunters at 4pm on a Tuesday if my planner didn’t exist; but that was avoided. Because my planner is my best friend. #Bestie

5.) Pens.

In case you’re still old-school like me, you actually write stuff down. In a planner, (refer to office essential #4) and you use colored ones to keep organized. Good for you. Look at you go. You’re doing great.

6.) Headphones.

I type this as I realize I forgot my headphones. Wishing I had headphones right about now. For those days you need to clear your head with some music or for those days that Judy is just a bit too chatty about how she just learned to “tweet on Facebook”… we can’t even, either.

7.) Water.

Essential to good health, skin, weight, and overall wellness. Not a huge water drinker? Make your water routine more interesting! Just add cucumber.. lemon.. vodka.. 😉 Get yourself an eco-friendly water bottle and drink up.

8.) Inspiration.

You woke up late, got a parking ticket, and it’s Monday. But your positive attitude, ambition, and $3 Target coffee mug that says, “Dream big!” are what keep you going. Keep it cool, 5 o’clock is right around the corner. #Blessed

Tell us! What are your office essentials you just can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!