7 GIFs To Send To Your Coworkers Immediately

Jan 10, 2018 | Other

James just had a huge office meltdown while Molly just landed a huge client. Your boss just fired the intern and Becca just spilled coffee all over her desk. Meanwhile, Jeff just stumbled in hungover from Taco Tuesday… too many tequila shots.

These are the top 15 GIFS you need to send to your coworkers IMMEDIATELY.

1. The Hangover

We’re humans and some of us like to party. What did you do last night? How did you even wake up? These are all questions you ask yourself as you stumble into work with your coworkers staring at you with their judging eyes. One of them asks you, “how are you doing this morning?” Hit them with this…

2. Thrown Under The Buss

It’s just almost lunch break and you’ve been thrown under the bus by a coworker via email from the morning meeting. Just before you head out for lunch… hit them with this and don’t add any text. They’ll know what they’ve done and they’ll know you know. #Revenge


Your top salesperson just closed the biggest sale this year. Shoot them over some classic KING Chapelle.

4. Happy Hour?

Some days are stressful and you definitely need a happy hour, or several. Ask your coworker to join you after work by hitting them with this.


Someone in the office just got canned and you can feel that eerie feeling lingering as they pack their stuff and slowly make their way out. Everyone knows and you should hit one of your coworkers with this.


You have friends in the office and they can see your day went from sunshine to shit. Soon as they ask how you’re doing today, hit them with this.

7. The Weekend Is Here

Ahh… the weekend (no not the singer) is finally here. A chance to relax with no email monitoring from your coworkers sending 13,000 internal emails. Just as you are about to leave for the weekend, shoot over your best coworker friend this…