5 Minutes More

Feb 17, 2022 | Design

“The difference between a good designer, and a great designer is 5 minutes.”

Why is Good Design Important?

While functionality is king (if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is), design is the next important thing. Because if you and your competitor both have functioning apps / websites, it’s the design that will make the customer decide who to go with. If your app works great, but features are hard to find and not laid out well, and your competitor’s app is, then your customers will leave. So good design is necessary.

What Changes a Design from Good into Great?

A good design will be easy to understand and navigate. The layout will make sense and the user will have no problem interacting with your app or website. But a great design will make a user stop for a second and say, that’s cool…or it will be so simple and effective that they don’t even realize it. Good design keeps up with the times, but great design somehow transcends time. It can be timeless, seemingly appropriate no matter what decade we are living in.

How is 5 Minutes the Difference Between Good and Great?

If you are to look at a great and a good design side by side, it may take you a few minutes to decide which one is which. They will both be easy to use and visually appealing. So how does just 5 minutes change from good into great? It starts with the designer and the thought process. A good designer will finish a design and hand it to the client, a great designer will finish the design and then step away from it for a while. Then when they come back they spend an extra 5 minutes making tweaks and adjustments; now it is ready for the client. It is really that simple, but not nearly enough designers take that final step. They stop at good, and don’t continue to great.

Great Grandapps Design

We take pride in our work, and do our best to put together a design that will both accurately represent your business or organization, and be great at the same time.

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