47% Of Apple Users Discover Apps Via Search

Oct 14, 2014 | Industry News

So you’re sitting down at home on your smartphone, browsing the app store for an app to download. You see the suggested featured app, but do you download it?

A recent study showed that only about 10% of people actually downloaded an iOS app from seeing it on the charts. Also, only 2% of users downloaded an app because Apple featured it in their store.

Not an Apple user? We understand, it was also found that Android users are more likely to discover an app via a web search. Twitter and Facebook ads only add to about 1 – 2% of the app downloads.

So where are people finding apps?

Well, people are finding apps through search. On iOS it was found that about 47% of Apple users found the app through searching the app store. The same happened with Google coming in at 53%.

So it appears that store optimization is actually more important than paying for app advertisement . Getting those organic searches will generate more traffic. We are not saying that featured or paid advertisement does not work, as it does have its place and people who use both generally see a boost. But what it really comes down to is making sure that your app can be found, is useful and gives people a great user experience.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing soon how to optimize your app on the market. But in the meantime, if you need to chat to us, just do so by clicking here.