4 Reasons Mobile Marketing Is The Best!

Sep 10, 2014 | Marketing

Mobile is here to stay. Forget the television ads or newspapers…it’s about time you invest in mobile. Here are 4 quick stats that prove why mobile is so important to invest in during 2014.

1. Apps Are Preferred

About 85% of consumers are more comfortable with apps, over websites. Just take a glance around your business, notice how many people have their heads cocked down, glaring at their smartphones.

2. Upcoming Demographics

Did you know the fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the age between 55-64. What does this mean for mobile and your business? As people adapt & take advantage of Social Media, they keep evolving with new trends. Mobile apps for businesses is a huge new trend exploding! There is an app for that and people are becoming more and more comfortable with using mobile apps. You should jump on the train before it passes and your business is 10 years out speaking about mobile apps, when in reality new holograms are the next big marketing technique.

3. New Opportunities To Connect

Mobile push notifications are about the highest open rates you can get, way beyond email marketing, social media posting or even SMS text messaging. The app user gets messages right to their phone! Oh…but you say “what if they turn it off?” Well the Grand Apps platform actually built in a feature for that, which allows your messages to be stored on the persons app. Think of it like a mini inbox for the messages you send out. Click here to see more app features we offer.

4. Simply Put, Mobile Dominates

Google has recently stated that very, very soon…mobile searches will surpass desktop. This means that more people are searching for information from their smartphone…not their desktop. The time has almost come for mobile to be number 1!