33% Increased Sales on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Jan 25, 2017 | Marketing, Social

We recently had another great success story with social media marketing, this time coming from an apparel company, Leather & Cotton.

The mission was simple, increase sales. The strategy we took required putting together a campaign that included a mix of Facebook, Pintrest & Instagram content. Our creative team designed beautiful ads, our strategy team placed those ads in front of the perfect customers at the perfect time and the result was magic!

Our team wanted to create a lifestyle around Leather & Cotton to establish the brand and build customer loyalty. We created targeted ads while managing the L&C social community by engaging with customers online.

Rich Pins

Before working with us, our client never utilized Rich Pins on Pintrest. They had a sizable following and knew they needed to monetize that following. We came in and helped set up Rich Pins and after we did this, they immediately noticed a trackable increase in sales. Now they are estimated to hit over $30,000 in Pintrest sales in 2017.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Our client noticed an increase of 33% in sales on Black Friday & Cyber Monday attributed to our efforts on social media marketing.


Now we are planning even bigger campaigns for 2017 and look forward to seeing even more success with this client!

If you need help, contact our team! We can help plan out a social strategy for you too.