3 Ways Tech Will Assist The Cannabis Industry

Apr 3, 2019 | Industry News

As Cannabis becomes legal nationwide in the United States, this industry is primed to take off like a rocket ship.

This behemoth industry is expected to reach heights of upwards of multi’s of billions. Every number you find is different online and it cannot fully be tracked yet, but it’s massive.

So why is Grand Apps talking about the Cannabis Industry?

Well, we recently got to work on launching a website for a client that focuses on the Cannabis industry.

That client is Handgrown Jobs and the website helps Cannabis employers post jobs and employees seek jobs.

Here is the landing page home screen for Hand Grown Jobs.

Next we have the login screen, and that is all for now.

We also have several other projects we are working on, but we can’t speak on those just yet. Pesky NDA agreements.

Launching this website got us to think, “How else can tech assist in the Cannabis Industry?

If you are launching a Cannabis mobile app, read these 3 simple tips to increase your mobile app downloads.

1. Market Research & Data Companies For Cannabis

One main company that comes to mind in the market research and data sector is a company called New Frontier Data.

There are actually not many competitors because majority of people are thinking of how to make the next “Facebook for weed”. In reality, they should want to create that social platform to collect data.

Data is knowledge and knowledge is power.

2. Cannabis Delivery Apps

Uber really revolutionized how people thing about delivery of products, goods and services. Those same people influenced by the Uber generation are spinning that concept towards Cannabis.

There are a few companies like Eaze and GreenRush that have received multi millions of dollars in funding to produce these concepts.

Eaze is a unique concept because it combines marketplace (Amazon) and ride share (Uber).

My prediction is they get acquired from an Amazon or RideShare company because they will have the brand recognition and marketplace already set up.

When you really wrap your head around that concept, the wheels start to turn. I just wish Grand Apps was the company that was able to develop that app for some equity.

3. Cannabis Retail Store Software

Every retail store owner expects some type of software to help track and monitor sales in real time. This is exactly what the company Headset is tackling.

This company is giving real-time sales data, reporting, and market insights to help store owners optimize inventory and keep up with the industry, their own brand and their store products.

So, if you get high on your own supply, this tool will help you track everything with little effort.

Summing It Up

So we know the Cannabis Industry is going to be huge and it’s just on the brink of legalization. There are many smart people tackling some hard sectors in the industry, but don’t quit thinking!

The moment we stop improving is the moment we die.

You should look to evolve and push the envelope. Make sure you try to think differently and if you have an idea, you know we can build it for you.

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