3 Predictions For Mobile Apps In 2015

Oct 15, 2014 | App

Mobile apps are finally here to stay as we roll into Q4 of 2014. Experts are saying now, getting too comfortable with a simple mobile strategy and not adapting will setup failure. Here are some predictions we are making come 2015 by helping push the mobile app movement.

Apps vs. Mobile Websites | Debate Ended.

Many marketers are saying mobile apps are simply not needed. However, if smart marketers remember their marketing 101 class and the good old 80/20 rule, they will know that 80% of their business will come from 20% of their most loyal customers. Mobile apps are built for customer engagement with your most loyal customers. Sure your small business will not generate millions of app downloads, but you do not need too. You simply need to find the extra engagement method, a mobile app, and reach out to them letting them know just how much you love them. In return, they will repeat business & bring in some other with word of mouth advertising. So why not send out a push message right now to your customers!

It is however agreed that a mobile website is crucial for customer acquisition through searches. Customers are searching more now than ever with mobile phones for businesses and having a mobile website is step 1 in providing a good online customer experience. But apps provide so much more in touching your most loyal customers giving them more engagement.

Apps Will Play Larger Marketing Roles In 2015.

As more and more people purchase smartphones through the holidays, it will be clear by 2015 that the smartphone market is rapidly excelling. It will finally be time for marketers to sit down for their businesses and think how an app could benefit them. There are about 2X as many smartphones as desktop computers…and many businesses know they need a website to stay in business. Our prediction is apps will become that “must have” just like having a website. And as these numbers only climb…we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as more and more people realize just how important apps really are.

Mobile App Communications Will Increase.

Our businesses that built a mobile app with us are allowed UNLIMTED PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. You read it right, unlimited. We offer no restraints to them. Businesses and marketers everywhere are trying to find that nice balance that will offer businesses the right amount of messages to be allowed sent out without annoying users. There is a fine balance, but we predict these communications will increase. We know of many apps we have built that do not use our awesome messaging service, but we see them really increasing this in 2015.

There should be no doubt in anybody’s minds that mobile apps are not an awesome marketing tool for small businesses. With our Grand Apps platform, you can compete with big name, fortune 500 companies and many times create a way better app than they have. Get a hold of us today to learn more.