3 Facebook Marketing Tips 2017

Jul 6, 2017 | Marketing, Social

Some know, some may not know that Grand Apps is actually a full marketing / advertising / software development agency. Really we are not boxed in. Our main focus is to help businesses succeed, period. We try to use the best knowledge, skills and tools we have available to set them up for success. With that being said, we have a few social media tips for you.

Did you know our company actually manages 30+ social media accounts. Oh, and we do it all! Not just “management” but content creation, planning, advertising and more.


So a lot of newbies getting into social media marketing forget the MOST important thing about social. It’s not about ads. It’s not about targeting. It’s not about this magic bullet. Social media was built to connect people and people are connected through relationships.

So you need to connect with people and comment on their comments to engage them. People love big brands talking with them and listening to them. Usually people like talking about themselves, so if you put them first they will likely be more loyal to your brand.

Also commenting on comments boosts engagement, which will boost your post in the newsfeed. Always try to ask a question on a comment to open them up and keep the conversation going. Now you’re building a good relationship and increasing the boost all at once.


Video is becoming easier and easier to create and is dominating news feeds on Facebook. But how do you share on Facebook for video? We found it best to actually embed the video organically as it’s easier for people to click and watch. If you share with a link from YouTube or Vimeo, it causes another barrier of entry for a consumer to watch it.

Embed it. Boost it. Run Ads. Kill it!

Watch our show: The Grand Apps Show Episode 28 << Yes we embedded this on our page.


I have a pretty big pet peeve in the marketing industry at the moment. A lot of companies say “I don’t have time to do my own marketing” or “I’m focusing on clients”. Look I totally get it and you should. But that does not mean you should lack in leading by example.

We use Grand Apps content as tester content to see what’s working best. This also shows clients and gives them confidence we know what we’re doing because we’re actually doing it. Invest in teams and do your own content. Be a leader, not a talker.

With you becoming the expert by leading by example, it’s important you add value. One more time…ADD VALUE. The Grand Apps Show is showcasing local businesses at the moment and giving them a spotlight. We’re trying to offer motivation, inspiration, and help others out. Really get into a consumers head and try to think what you would consume and want. Deliver real value & put some effort into it. Don’t just post to just post on Facebook.

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