2021 Design and Development Awards

Nov 10, 2021 | Grandapps News

Grandapps is proud to announce Design and Development awards for 2021 year. We work hard to bring our clients quality apps that bring their business to the next level.

Best Android App Development Agency 2021

Development platform and custom apps that work well on the android platform is a must. The Android operating system takes up 71% of the mobile market share. Android is also the most versatile when it comes to operating system specs and screen sizes. Making it a challenge at the same time.

Best iPhone App Development Company 2021

iOS is the second largest mobile market in the world, taking up 28% of the mobile market share. Developing apps that look great on iPhones is also a top priority for Grandapps. Our platform and custom built apps look great and work even better.

Grandapps is constantly striving for excellence, and getting awards like this confirms we are on the right track.

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