2021 App Design Trends to Learn From

Dec 19, 2021 | App, Industry News

App design focus for 2021 have been centered around making apps more comfortable and engaging. Apps are becoming a place where users spend a lot of time, so making that experience pleasurable is important!

App Design Trends to Learn From

Make Visuals Easy on the Eyes

This idea is often marginalized, but it could be the single most important part of any design. If your app is not easy to look at, users will not spend any time with it. This includes the colors, graphics and overall feel. Choose a color pallet that works well and graphics that are easy to understand. Large buttons to accommodate fingers and large text that is easy to read.

Introduce Depth and Immersion

A recent trend that we will see more of is the creation of depth through shadows and layering. Creating a visual portal into the app world, where elements are almost 3D. Introducing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into apps is also trending up. Apps are becoming a virtual escape from reality, so the more immersive they are the more engaging and use they will receive.

Stay Creative

Using swipe animation, unexpected shapes or angels are great ways to make a user stop and takes novice of the creativity found in your app. Anytime a user stops and just enjoys the experience of using your app is a win! Having a positive experience will increase the likelihood the user will continue to come to your app.

Visualize Data

If your app uses a lot of numbers or graphs, take time to visualize those things creatively and in a way that makes sense. Clearly communicate the purpose of the information and create that engaging user experience at the same time.

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