Three Reasons to Go Mobile

Jan 29, 2016 | Marketing

I know there are plenty of business owners out there who just don’t see the value of going mobile. Business is good. Your customers are happy. You still have that website up on Geocities. Why would you want to invest in mobile? Well, there are plenty of reasons to go mobile (whether it’s through a mobile-optimized website or a mobile app), but there are three reasons to go mobile which speak volumes to business owners.

1. Direct Marketing

Technology allows people to send information to computers that fit in our palms. So having a mobile app would be a great way to market directly to your customers. Say you own a restaurant. You can send push notifications to your customers about your latest drink special to incentivize customers to come in to your restaurant. And push notifications of trackable metrics, so you can actually see how many people are reading your messages. You won’t get that from a billboard or a radio ad.

2. Increase in SEO

With Google’s new algorithm, you can’t just put “Schmecky’s Bank is the best bank in Gloobertown” 1,000 different ways on the website’s backend and expect to see good Google results. There are now two key factors in Google’s new algorithm: Social media and mobile-friendliness. Now that most people are browsing the internet with their phones, having a mobile-optimized website and a mobile app will rocket you up the Google searches, which will bring in new customers for your business.

3. Customer Assurance

When you invest money in the presentation of your business, you’re doing it to reassure the customer that you run a clean, legitimate business. When a customer sees that you are investing in the latest trends in marketing, they will be assured that your business is forward-thinking and ready to take on all of their needs. Mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps are the now, and investing in the now is an investment in future customers.