Google Play Downloads Soar, App Store Profits Follow Suit

Jan 22, 2016 | App

The app analytics firm App Annie just released analytics for app downloads and revenue for 2015, and the numbers are looking very optimistic for Google Play. Downloads on Google Play are outpacing App Store downloads by almost 100%. With Google Play’s open-source platform, publishers have free reign to publish all kinds of apps that don’t have to meet with the standards that App Store developers have to meet. This leads to more apps to suit more people. You can see on the graph below by just how much Google Play is outpacing the App Store:

However, things are not all good for Google Play. The App Store is still outpacing Google Play for revenue. In fact, the revenue from the App Store almost doubles the revenue from Google Play. Publishing on Apple’s App Store has to be approved by the store first, and while that hinders the publication of more apps, it also acts as a form of quality control. It seems the higher quality content is justifying a higher price for consumers. You can see the disparity in revenue in the graph below: