2 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs An App

Jan 3, 2017 | App

Simply put, there are two main reasons your restaurant needs an app in 2017; Increased Sales & Decreased Expenses. Our company has successfully launched 200+ apps in iTunes and Google, while working with 50+ restaurants.

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Without further wait, let’s get into these two reasons and break them down.

Reason #1: Increased Sales

So without question, mobile apps for restaurants are a great way to increase sales. We had one client see a return of $300,000+ in revenue from a mobile app.

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It’s really a no brainer. Your app and customers do the work for you and your staff, allowing your staff more free time to be more productive & execute other functions like waiting more tables, making more food or helping more customers. Crowd source your customers to do the sales for you with a mobile app!

Reason #2: Decreased Expenses

It’s pretty easy to see why more people ordering with your app will increase sales, but it can be harder to see how a mobile app will decrease expenses for your restaurant. That’s where we help.

Lower Labor Costs

Think about this for a second, if you had customers placing orders then your employees no longer need to do this. Let’s say an average phone order takes 5 minutes (some talk longer & some know exactly what they want). Now let’s use our client for a second, they received 5,000 orders with our mobile app.

If you take 5,000 orders times 5 minutes per order, that equals 25,000 minutes. That equals 416 hours. That equals 10 work weeks, 9-5 Monday – Friday. If you take 10 weeks X $10 per hour at 40 hours per week, that equals $4,000, not including taxes. Right off the bat you’re saving $4+ thousand dollars with a mobile app investment.

Reduce Print Costs

So let’s say you’re printing those pesky paper punch cards for a loyalty system, now you can ditch it. Our app allows you to have many loyalty features built right in! You don’t need to worry about wasting money on print anymore.


So in summary, a mobile app is a pretty good investment and if you like making money & saving money, it’s for you in 2017. We have launched a ton of apps with actual proven case studies showing how it works with results. Let us show you some of those results on your business!

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